Josh is a native of Machias Maine.  Growing up he spent a year living in Orono and then two years in Cape Elizabeth before returning to Machias for high school. He embraces his Downeast roots and loves to spend as much time as he can at Bog Lake in Northfield.

He offers nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial capital acquisition as well as early and growth stage company advisory and development. He has been on all sides of the table as the successful upstart entrepreneur and chief risk taker, to the investment banking analyst, to the advisor raising capital for others. He shares a unique perspective developed over years of experience in a range of settings.

Josh has a special interest in the energy sector and is currently working with a proven engineer and inventor on commercializing several S Curve jump technologies in the ‘demand side’ energy sector.

He is an avid student of our economy and can be heard sharing his education on Maine’s leading talk show program, The George Hale & Ric Tyler Show on 103.9 Bangor and 101.3 Augusta, in the Monday morning Money Men segment at 7:05. You can also find his Columns in print or at www.bangordailynews.com under the “Business” section.

Josh graduated from the University of Maine in 1995, and received his MBA from the University of Maine 1998.


Josh is regarded as a highly capable door opener and relationship builder. His ability to learn quickly and to adapt in fast moving situations affords him an edge in competing with others for new business opportunities and in survival of early stage ventures. His love for challenge and willingness to accept risk make him an ideal player in the start-up company world he so enjoys.


It is Josh’s hope to see Bangor Maine develop into a Technology Center.  He believes Bangor can grow to become a leader of innovation and growth in medical, energy and other key business sector technologies.