Conservatives Failing to be Conservative…

I recently found more disturbing evidence of Conservatives acting as big spenders and doing the opposite of what they say they support.

In a recent amendment to the highway bill now being considered by the Senate, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) actually wants money saved by extending the federal pay freeze being pushed by Congress (that’s a pay freeze on federal workers aimed at saving the government  money) to fund energy projects, an adoption tax credit, and tax deductions for college expenses and for state and local property taxes.

And here I’ll quote David Boaz from the Cato Institute “Oh, there go those mean ol’ Tea Party, tight-fisted Republicans again, trying to restrain federal workers’ already high pay in order to . . . um, fund their own favorite projects. Seems like the taxpayer has no dog in this fight.”

Our politicians will simply spend us into bankruptcy if allowed. Here is a strategy – unseat every incumbent Senator and House Rep – send the cronys home. Oh sure there will be some struggle in the transfer but the new blood is vital. Simply do not send the same people back in any seat anywhere. I’ll risk the loss of experience in the “Washington Game” for the opportunity of new blood.