Angus King is Crony Capitalism

I have not had the time to write as frequently lately as I have been consumed in projects which put food on the table. I don’t have inside connections to Washington and I don’t have projects receiving favorable loan guarantees…

Some know of the inside ways in which money is made in the Power/Energy business here in the U.S. but many do not. When you peel back the sheets there is much to learn and that is all I will say. The ways of uncovering are not all that difficult either – just some time and effort and skills online can do it!

I am only making a quick point today and ask people to look at the link I have attached. We all know that there are a group of insider’s within Maine’s energy and power world. We all have questioned Angus King’s involvement and wondered about his ‘smarts’ vs. ‘connections’. Well take a look at this link and do some thinking for yourself.

Do we really want another crony in Washington?

Nothing will change if we don’t change who we send down there – that is a fact!