Our Schools are Failing Us – No Homemade Foods…

America is broken and my experience with new policies at the Bangor schools serves as vivid evidence of that fact.

How does this apply to business and life in America? It is simple. Just listen to this link and you’ll quickly get the point. In the link we learn that 80% of college sophomores in this professor’s class feel that government should take care of them: free healthcare, down payments for homes, free college, jobs and on…  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=VxHfYNTrnic

These students indicate they have never heard the likes of John Locke or Adam Smith and our God-given right to life, liberty and property. Our public school systems are not sharing these points of view anymore. What does this have to do with “no homemade foods in school”  you say?

This is about a socialist agenda delivering policies for the masses and leaves personal responsibility, individuality and the heart of what was once American at the doorstep of the school.

It has everything to do with life, business and our future. For example, in this case our kids are being taught to eat processed “made for the masses crap”. Why? Because it is better to be sheep living from the system – in their eyes. Not so much because a few kids have allergies and might eat food made with ingredients that could trigger the allergies.

The reality is that the children with allergies are identified and known by teachers and students in the classrooms as having them – we all know today! How about they don’t eat the homemade foods that have been delivered by other students to the classroom? Why punish all for the few? If my daughter can pass on foods so can they….

Yes, one of my daughters has suffered from migraines for years now and is only 8 years old. A terrible ailment inherited from her mother. Her migraines are triggered by nitrates and ingredients found in processed food. We have taught her not to eat foods which lead to headaches. I can’t send homemade food but I can purchase the item from a local bakery and it is accepted…

It is time for the masses to speak and act. The day that I cannot deliver a plate of beautifully decorated fudge brownies for a Valentine’s treat because it was made at home is the day for change. And to boot we even labeled the bag as ‘no nuts used’. But the explanation was it could have touched something else etc… Well what about the crap made or purchased from public stores and bakeries – you don’t think the same risks and more actually exist?

I am appalled today to be American. I am concerned about the future of my children. Today, I am acutely aware of the incredible risks the current education system poses to our future.

What is next – no homemade lunches?

Do you care enough to stand up for individual rights, personal responsibility and the opportunity to make something out of nothing. Today it seems kids view entrepreneurs who start from nothing and make it big as the enemy. People think those successful folks should give it all away to the masses…. Even though these people risked everything to achieve such success. Meanwhile the next 40 behind them failed and lost much in their efforts to achieve the American dream.

If we don’t believe that our children are losing the spirit of America – the characteristics which make it great then we are sadly mistaken.

I am forced to pay $5,200 per year in Bangor property taxes. Much of which is allocated to our vast education budget. Do I have a right to speak up? Darn right and so do you.

I am going to run for school board next session – how about you? Take action, create change. Save the future.